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This file is not avaialble anymore due some problems.

you can find an improvemed of this addon done by another person at this link

Works on Windows Only

Make sure to have at least 40gb of free space to install.

A users reported that they were able to install and run using :

  • RTX 2060 6GB
  • RTX 2080 8GB

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If you already have CUDA 11.6 and Visual Studio 2019 you may download this addon and probably it will work, in case you dont have them, please get the JIT_Compiler_PY38_CUDAv11.6.7z on the link bellow for free

Before starting the addon, download and execute vs_BuildTools.exe to install the C++ packages necessary to build pytorhc3d.

Select the Build tools for C++ option

it should show these options selected

Click Install

After the installation you can start installing CEB ECON.

Steps to install CEB ECON

  1. Install the vs build tools (explained above)
  2. choose your vevn folder
  3. Click "Create ECON Venv
  4. Click "Download ECON"
  5. Click "Install ECON on venv"
  6. Download the compiler dependencies at
  7. Click "Install Compiler"
  8. Click "Down&Install Pytorch3d
  9. Click "Register"
  10. On the site, create an account for you.
  11. Registor for all other projects on this link (after registering and logging on the site)
  12. Click "Register Now" for all the options (it should create an account for you for all those projects with the same password. That is important to make the automatic model download script to work)
  13. Put your username and password on the panel (the user name and pass are not recorded by the addon)
  14. Click "Download" with the Erase Zip unchecked (it makes easier to restart the process in case you have some problem in the model installation, you wont have to download the files again)
  15. After having all the models installed, you can Check the Erase Zip option and click agin on the download. This will erase all the zip download files, that you wont need anymore.

IMPORTANT: If you have an error executing, after doing all the steps, click again on "Install ECON on venv" it might have missed a packages installation that sometimes only works after installing the Compiler

More details below about the Register part.

Folow the instruction on the official page from the script. You cen see it on the link

bellow is link to register and a screen of that part.

Then put your login and password and click "Download"

PS.: the login is not stored by the addon.

PS2.: you can keep the files downloaded, to do that, leave the Erase Zip unchecked.


0.10.7- Each step of installation, the button becomes disabled to make the installation less confusing. Added a button to open new blender window with the console open. Added Link to download 7zip, needed to install compiler button.

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