CEB Addon Management

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Wanna have more control on your loaded addons.

Now you can.

Select a list of addon and tell blender to load what you have selected on the list

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Version 0.32

  • renamed some buttons to avoid confusion

Version 0.31

  • fixed the bug from 0.30 :)

Version 0.30 (huge bug)

  • Save addon presets
  • Save edit on tab names
  • Automatically loads the tab names

Version 0.22

  • Added rename the full addon at once (for addons with several classes, like BoxCutter, for example)

Version 0.21

  • Fix bug on renaming tabs

Version 0.2

  • added rename tab option. Still buggy. be careful, always update the list before renaming a tab

Version 0.1

  • It saves the selections only on the blend file. Next version will save in to a json to use those selection universally
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CEB Addon Management

30 ratings
I want this!