CEB Stable Diffusion

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Download the addon for free with the code: 8g5x1nh

Works only on Windows and NVIDIA cards (doenst work with AMD)

If you have problems installing the addon, and you are using some launcher, please try with the ZIP version of blender from

You will need to have GIT installed, if you dont have, you can install the version from this link: (get the "64-bit Git for Windows Setup.")

This addon lets you use your GPU to locally create those amazing art provided by the code from

Attention: Might not work with GPU with less than 4gb VRAM (for txt2img and img2img functions) and 6gb VRAM (for the inpaint feature).

Be sure to have a good bandwith to install this addon. To make use of all the features, you will need to download more than 13GB of data

If you want to support us and get the latest stuff, please consider subscribing at Patreon (

For as low as $1 you can help us and get access to the latest material (addons and etc) we create.

To talk to us you cen head to:

or at Discord:

Tutorial on how to install and use

With this addon you can create amazing art using text, or an image. 

With the result, using the addon you can apply the texture to a material and even upscale it to 4 times the original size

Create image from text

Edit only part of an image using mask and a text prompt (Inpaint tool)

Create a new image based on another image and a text prompt

Upscale the image 4 times its original size

Texture creation workflow

1-Create an image using text prompt

2 - Make it seamless using the tiling function and the amount of overlap

3 - Preview if the tilling went ok, generating a 2x2 tilled image

4-Apply it directly to you material, selecting the ime texture node and pressing "Set Img" button

And have fun while using it

If you have a problem, suggestion or anything else, get in contact with us:

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CEB Stable Diffusion

109 ratings
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