Dynamic Grooming

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If you want to make a faster workflow to groom your particle hair inside Blender.

The pro version comes bundled with several presets to make the hair creation even faster.

This addon enables you to Style hair particles using dynamics, using shapekey and using default blender comb tools from a pie menu.

With the shapekey you can create animation, making the process to animate faster, because you won't have to keep tweaking the dynamics to reach a certain results, now you can sculpt the results for a specific frame.

Tutorial on version 0.63

On version 0.64, if you have https://blendermarket.com/products/blender-addon--3d-hair-brush-v3, it will show 3 more options on the pie menu

If find bugs, would like to make suggestions or just talk. You can reach me at


or at my patreon


Thanks for heveti (https://blenderartists.org/u/heveti) for the creation of the code that started this addon.

Original thread on blender artist


I added much more features to make the grooming faster.

Now you have the option to control important parts of grooming from a pie menu called using "D"

Several options were added like.

  • Layer control for hair particles
  • Starting on 0.6 Beta 7 there is a Shapekey control and animation

Watch the video for a better example of how to use it.


  • 0.66 Workaround for a problem when deleting manually a hair particle (outside the addon)
  • 0.65 - Changed the Pie shortcut to CTRL+D to avoid problems with annotation
  • 0.64
    • Added option to control the enable of 3d brush, auto switch and brush scale fromΒ 3d hair brush addon
  • 0.63
    • improvement on the layer selection (selecting on the list, select the layer)
    • layer control added to the pie menu
    • fix to delete option (was not working properly when the layer was renamed)

  • 0.62
    • Adding option to lock layers using the panel and pie menu (to avoid changes on children and hair shape options of that layer)
    • cycle through hair layer from pie menu
    • locked the active layer, if the hair layer is hidden from the viewport (to avoid messing with the wrong layer by mistake)
  • 0.61

Several fixes, more options on pie menu, ui optimization (collapsible shapekey menu)

  • 0.6 Final

Export only children settings

Export only hair shape settings

Auto generate incremental file if there is already one with that name (importing or exporting file settings)

Finetunnig the UI (with the help of https://twitter.com/ShubhamPatilartΒ  )

Option show/hide emiter in viewport,render

Toggle render hair particles to Strand or Strip (better preview of hair)

Global and local checkpoint (you can save temporarily a children or hair shape config, or copy and paste it into another particle system)

  • 0.6 Beta 8 Fix on the Selection Root +, and added "Linked" Selection on pie menu
  • 0.6 Beta 7 More fixes, Shapekey for hair particles (and more bugs introduced when I added ShapeKey for hair particles πŸ˜…)
  • 0.6 Beta 6 More fixes, reorganization of particle edit option, it was added inside the Hair options, added button to sync display and render segments to the ones on the particle system. Added Rekey and unify length options
  • 0.6 Beta5 lots of bug fixes. Update on children particles and vertex groups when apply to more than one particle hair.
  • 0.6 Beta4 lots of options for the hair control and show only the options that you need
  • 0.6 beta3 rebuild the logic and particle layer control. Much more stable
  • 0.5 : So many changes that I cant remember to put here πŸ˜ƒ
  • 0.4: rework of pie menu and added hair transfer from the side menu.

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Dynamic Grooming

49 ratings
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